All American Firearms (and Training) is located in Columbus GA at 4863 C Milgen Rd. The company was started in 2008 in my back yard with $100 and two partners, and is now a full-time business focused on mechanical repairs, customization and firearms refinishing work (blueing, Duracoat, Cerakote, parkerizing and plating). I started the company as a part-time endeavor, but it has since grown into a full-time commitment. The reason I got interested in doing this is that I was and still am a sponsored shooter with the Army Reserve Marksmanship team. When I joined the team, I needed some competition-quality guns but could not find any gunsmiths who had anything less than a 2-year wait time for a high-quality match-grade gun. Obviously I could not wait two years, so I decided that I would have to quickly educate myself on how to accurize guns and build my own guns. It turned out to be something I enjoyed doing, and it was relatively up my alley since I am an Engineer by education. While all of this was going on, I happened to be teaching firearms safety classes, and people often brought broken guns to class. I saw a market for repair services and bought more tools. Things just kind of snowballed from that point, and here we are.

Patrick Sleem (President & CEO): Certified Master Gunsmith. Professionally-sponsored competitive shooter with the Army Reserve marksmanship team, holds the Presidents Hundred marksmanship distinction (7 times) which is awarded to the top 100 marksmen in the country. NRA-Certified Firearms Instructor since 2009. Lieutenant Colonel, Infantry (US Army Reserve). Graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point (2001). Veteran of two combat tours in Iraq (2003 and 2005) with 3rd Infantry Division. Three-time NRA collegiate All-American pistol shooter.

Other Apprentice Gunsmiths help with refinishing and some light repairs.

- We have experience working on all makes and models of guns, including new guns such as Glocks as well as guns that are well over 100 years old (i.e. double-barrel shotguns).

- We are a dealer (we can do transfers) for most types of guns (except for guns which fall under the National Firearms Act - machine guns, short barreled rifles/shotguns, etc). We are authorized to work on and repair NFA guns but we are not a "Class 3" dealer.

- We have the capability to fabricate parts in-house. We can make parts for antique guns and also can make custom parts (i.e. adaptor plates) that do not currently exist in the market.

- We formerly trained dozens of Government Contractor employees during pre-deployment marksmanship certification (Pistol and Rifle training and qualification) for companies such as DynCorp and SOSI

- Have conducted Train the Trainer and Instructor Development Courses for companies that hold Government contracts to perform marksmanship training

- Hundreds of students trained in Personal Firearms familiarization during private 1-on-1 sessions

- Have successfully trained Law enforcement candidates (Security / Police / Sheriff Dept candidates) seeking to join various agencies (police departments, sherrif dept, etc)

Our Team
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Patrick Sleem
President & CEO
Master Gunsmith
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Peyton M
Office Manager
Certified Gunsmith
Gunsmith Apprentice